Why you simply have to visit Estonia!

The world in general and Europe in our particular case is full of wonderful places with beautiful landscapes, unique cities and towns with rich stories and age-old gastronomical heritage, amazing museums and cultural venues. But we will never stop to repeat that if you are in search of true uniqueness go to Estonia, the small European country that counts only 1 million 300 thousand inhabitants. This country has something magical that can still surprise even the most experienced globe trotter, the gastronomic hunter looking for new tastes or the explorer searching for little known cultural treasures. And the reasons are many. Let’s start:

1. Estonia’s fairytale capital, Tallin, a Unesco heritage site considered one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and the oldest preserved city in Northern Europe which has been influenced by many cultures and external influences; Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Russia all have contributed to the uniqueness of this city.

2. If you want to hear the “elfish” language visit Estonia. The enchanting Estonian language, which actually sounds somehow magical belongs to the Finno Ugric branch of European languages. Don’t be afraid of making yourself understood in this country as practically all Estonians tend to speak at least 2 languages fluently and more than often English is one of them.

3. Estonia is the best place for wild nature lovers. 50 % of this country is covered by a pristine and breathtaking forest full of different animals such as lynxes, brown bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits and deer, a large variety of birds making it an excellent place for bird enthusiasts during the spring and autumn months as well as a great destination for mushrooms during the fall and wild berries in summer. Estonia is also known for its over 2000 beautiful islands. The most well-known is Saaremaa island, a perfect spot for bike travellers. 

4. Estonia is a highly modern digital society and is probably the country in Europe with the least bureaucratic red tape and one of the most politically transparent countries in the world. Estonia is the first e-government in the world and offers e-residency to people from all over the world. It is widely considered to be the best place in Europe for business start-ups.

5. Estonia is, as mentioned, an excellent destination for foodies and gastronomic food lovers, in particular those in search of new Nordic cuisine. Estonian cuisine falls between Scandinavian and central European food traditions but has at the same time uniquely authentic Estonian flavours, contains pure and locally produced foods as well as embracing the abundant gifts from the rich and bountiful nature. A defining aspect of Estonian food traditions is the fact that food must be fresh, rich in natural flavours and made and produced from local ingredients.

6. For travellers who appreciate high quality, elegant and sophisticated shopping Estonia is the perfect place. Creative Estonian design is unique and although similar to Scandinavian design it in no way has lost its original fino Ugric idea. Ascetic and with an orientation towards simple basic needs and functions- a smart aesthetics in other words by not only focusing on luxury – these are the intrinsic qualities of Estonian design in a nutshell.

7. Estonia is not only endless forests, high-tech digital solutions, design, new-Nordic cuisine and medieval architecture. This Northern country is also an interesting cultural destination for classical music lovers and especially for those who appreciate the other-worldly music of Arvo Part who is one of the most performed living composers in the world. Estonia also provides ample opportunities to visit the many art and history museums as well as exhibitions all over the country.